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Professional Work and Residencies

Ice Factory at the New Ohio Theatre

Ice Factory is our OBIE award-winning summer festival of new work. It is a place where artists can take risks, try out new ideas, and bring their projects to a new level. I was part of the tech crew that operated all the productions done at the festival. 

iLLA! The Hip Hop Musical

iLLA! is derived from the slang term "ill", meaning excellent, cool or awesome. To be better than "ill" is to be "iLLA". In life, we all strive for something great but have obstacles in our way. The only way to overcome these obstacles is to be illa. Do you have what it takes to be iLLA? For this production at NYMF this year I was Video and Sound Operator. 

Con Artist Collective Summer Residency

The Con Artist is an art collective, community, workspace & gallery. Their venue hosts events, publications, collaboration, products, and essentially shapes the ideal circumstances for creative people and their creative pursuits. I was an artist in residence at this collective with a show that will go up near the end of October. 


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